Stories by Monte Burke


You, Too, Can Play In A PGA Tour Pro-Am

A look at the PGA Tour pro-am. In no other major sport can an amateur actually play with a pro. » Read It

Five Guys Burgers: All In The Family

The story behind Five Guys Burgers and Fries and their rise to the top of America’s fast food chain. » Read It

George H. W. Bush’s Sporting Life

Baseball, tennis, fishing, golf, skydiving — they’ve shaped, and still animate, the country’s 41st President. » Read It

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova: The Best Rivalry Ever?

Two decades after Evert and Navratilova’s last match against each other, it’s worth asking the question: was theirs the greatest rivalry in sports history? » Read It

I Killed An Elk. Am I A Murderer?

Killing an elk turned out to be more of an affecting experience for me than I ever thought possible. » Read It

Inside New York City’s Fishy Black Market

Every day poachers sell illegal catches–and potential carcinogens–to unsuspecting diners. » Read It

Nick Saban: The Most Powerful Coach in Sports

College football has long been a big business. But the money and control Alabama gave Nick Saban raised the stakes to an unprecedented level. Is he worth it? » Read It

Tom Morgan: The Tragedy and the Triumph of America’s Greatest Fly Rod Maker

At the height of his prowess, America’s greatest fly-rod-maker was left paralyzed by MS. Through his wife, he found a lifeline back to the craft he loves. » Read It

Unlikely Dynasty: How Robert Kraft Built the New England Patriots

Robert Kraft has used business sense and a fan’s blind faith to turn the once-laughable New England Patriots into one of the richest franchises in sports. » Read It

Changing Room: Mark Wahlberg and the Art of Reincarnation

Punk, rapper, model, actor, producer — Mark Wahlberg’s life and career are a series of reincarnations. » Read It

The Irresistible Charm of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap, the beloved protector of packages and purveyor of Pop! entertainment, gets a makeover. » Read It

Chicago’s BBQ Hotspots

At its essence, barbecue is about identity. Memphis is known for its dry and wet ribs. Texas has its brisket and Kansas City its conflagration-level red sauce. And Chicago? Well, when it comes to barbecue, the Second City has a serious identity crisis. » Read It

Fishing’s Most Interesting Man

British entrepreneur Peter Power spent his youth landing a fortune. Now he’s found an unusual place to let go of it: in Russian tundra. » Read It

Fishing’s Most Insane Man

Combine fishing, swimming and water skiing and you get a most peculiar sport. » Read It

Other Publications

Garden & Gun Magazine: The Legend of America’s Most Famous Gun

More than sixty years ago, the South’s most famous shotgun went missing. Here’s the story of how it was found . » Read It

New York Times: Atlantic Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick

To the list of life’s great mysteries — the primacy of the chicken or the egg, who shot J.F.K., why there is an s in the word “lisp” — I would add one more: how long should an angler wait to cast again to an Atlantic salmon that has come up for, but not taken, a fly? » Read It

The Drake: The Happiest Man in the World

Here’s the scene: I’m 25 and new to Gotham, a city I swore up and down that I would never, ever inhabit. » Read It (PDF Download)

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