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Saban: The Making of a Coach

A New York Times Best Seller

Hardcover Nonfiction

“In this well-reported, engrossing tale, Monte Burke has captured the imperfect brilliance of Nick Saban. Read it, and you will emerge with a deeper understanding of the man, his zeal, his achievement, and the costs that have come with it all.”

Gay Talese


“An eye-opening book. Monte Burke has finally taken us behind the great big curtain and, for the first time, shown us who Nick Saban really is and what makes him tick. I couldn’t put this book down. For all college football fans, this is a must-read.”

Paul Finebaum

ESPN college football analyst

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Saban: The Making of a Coach

About Monte Burke

Monte Burke, a New York Times best-selling author, is a staff writer at Forbes magazine and a senior editor at ForbesLife. He has written more than 100 profiles of chief executives, sports figures and entrepreneurs. Burke has also written for the New York Times, Outside, Garden & Gun, Men’s Journal, Town & Country, Field & Stream, Golf Digest, The Drake and Audubon.

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